Sound Production Course

Quickly, effectively, and in a fun way you'll learn:
  • sound and music theory,
  • music recording,
  • studio and concert sound production,
  • musical projects management,
  • a technology of working on your own tracks from composition to release.
Any entry level experience.

Individual or 2 to 6 people group lessons.

Flexible timetable.

Lessons in English.

* You can choose a personalized flexible program instead!

What will you get?

University level fundamental theory Active and fun practical work
Tasks are based on your personal preferences Development of individual style and work methods
Your own mixed and mastered track as a final project You can get a certificate upon successful graduation
Group We study in a fun, positive, and comfortable atmosphere for best results!
We use modern professional software during lessons! Virtual studio
Equipment We learn how to use studio and concert equipment in real time!
Course teacher: Elina Kibitkina, PhD (research subject: "The Methodics of Music Programming Basics Teaching").

Composer and vocalist, sound producer and designer, a wide range multimedia & IT professional, scientific publications author.

15 years of teaching experience in universities, college, private schools, individually.

Over 100 students have graduated Elina's courses on sound production and music art, multimedia, IT and programming.

Composition & Sound Production Examples

Composition Example
You'll be able to compose and arrange, for example, such a musical fragment with polymelodic elements that includes:
  • 2 leading parts & bass with counterpoint,
  • harmonic support in a traditional style,
  • rhythm.
(This is a freshly composed & recorded non-edited multitrack!)

Sound Production Example
You'll be able to creatively edit this fragment:
  • mixing it with a personal touch (here we use a physical space modeling technique with additional ensemble perception improvements),
  • adding sound special effects into the phonogram, or even modifying the arrangement (if necessary),
  • mastering the result.
(This is a mixed & mastered track!)

Course Program

Level 1 "Sound Editing & Basic Mastering" (48 hours)
Physics & Psychophysiology of Sound The Basics of Sound Recording & Editing
  • The physical nature of sound
  • Sound wave properties and analysis
  • Sound perception of humans
  • Safety at work
  • Analog and digital sound
  • Sound recording methods and equipment
  • Sound editing processors
  • Sound tract
Level 2 "Sound Mixing & Production" (+48 hours)
The Basics of Musical Theory & Practice The Basics of Sound Mixing & Production
  • Musical vertical and horizontal structure
  • Musical development: melody and harmony
  • The basics of musical composition and arrangement
  • Analytical listening (120 tracks)
  • The studio complex
  • Sound recording, mixing, and mastering
  • Musical projects production
  • Analytical listening (30 tracks)


Sound Production
(48 - 96 hours*)
Working on musical projects of any complexity and in any genre,
basic musical composition skills.
Professional education for:
  • concert and studio sound engineers (level 1);
  • sound mastering engineers (level 1);

  • studio sound producers (level 2);
  • musical phoinograms mastering engineers (level 2);
  • musical projects producers (level 2).


* 1 hour = 60 minutes

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