AVEAL Creative Technologies School

AVEAL - is a modern educational organization aimed at training competent, creative, and independent specialists.
Аудио- и фото-оборудование
  • Who do we teach? Anyone who speaks English and has a good Internet connection.
  • What do we teach? Creative and technical subjects, related to digital arts and multimedia technologies.
  • How do we teach? Online in real time at a convenient time.

Our advantages – your bonuses

Fundamental theory
+ active practice!
Courses are developed by a PhD graduate.

Based on professional standards.

Application of skills in your own creative and research projects.
Programs taught from 2008.

No pointless memorizing: we identify the essence and mechanisms of phenomena and prove them with experiment.

Practical tasks fit individual interest and preferences.
Effective educational methods!
Light mood and lots of jokes!
Creative attitude, humor, and free discussions of topics.

Questions and constructive criticism are encouraged.

We are certain that science and arts must be fun! =)

Areas of Education

For over 10 years, I've been researching different aspects of arts and computer science to combine them into a consistent and understandable system.

And today, I am ready to offer you a unique chance not only to effectively master specific subjects, but also to combine them into a logical complex.
Elina V. Kibitkina
founder and teacher, PhD
Фото директора
Multimedia Arts IT
Sound Arts Multimedia
  • Sound Theory
  • Sound Production
  • Sound Design
  • Music Theory for Producers
  • Basic of Music Composition
  • Digital Sound & Music
  • Vector & Raster Graphics
  • Digital Video & Animation
  • Web Development
  • Multimedia Software Development
Visual Arts & Multimedia Programming Technologies
  • Creative Writing
  • Graphics & Visual Composition
  • Photography & Post-Processing
  • Frame-by-Frame Animation
  • Videography & Cinematography
  • Interactive Multimedia
  • The Basics of Computer Science
  • Basic Algorithms & Data Types
  • Abstract Data Types & Objects
  • Modeling & Software Development
  • Low-Level Optimization
  • Information Security

Online Education

We teach online in real time using video call software (Discord or Skype).

At most convenient time any day of the week, 24/7.

According to your individual program that may include segments on:
  • sound and music,
  • creative writing,
  • graphics and photography,
  • videomaking,
  • interactive media,
  • multimedia technologies,
  • computer science,
  • programming technologies
all logically united within a single course!
Only $19/hour for individuals!

Only $10/hour for groups of 2 to 6 people!

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